A Seat in The Crowd by Paul Windridge & Linda Harvey


Published in 2000.

"A Seat in the Crowd" is about travelling the length and breadth of England and Europe in order to watch Manchester United. It is about the lifelong journey of two supporters (with the help of one or two friends along the way) who have been following their club for over 40 years each. A lifetime's support which has enjoyed a renaissance over the last decade due to the superb management of Alex Ferguson, who has taken the team, and consequently us too, to heights never before scaled.
At the start of any season no-one can possibly know the outcome. Plenty think they do, but that is mere blind faith. It is an adventure which happens every year and these last few years have been very special to United supporters and most especially to us. Through the internet and the Manchester United mailing lists some of us have found friendship which will last the test of time. Apart from family, none of us mentioned in this book knew each other four years ago, but we are now a group of friends who have become an extended family.

"A Seat in the Crowd" is just as much about these people as it is about the team on the pitch.